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2 new claymations

2007-12-02 04:43:48 by dpsstuff

well im not making the other claymation i was gonna say,
but i am making 2 new 1s that should be out this week (well 1 at least)

and any1 who reads this could u reply and say anything so i no people are reading this
otherwise theres no point on righting this

new claymation mabey

2007-11-03 04:42:51 by dpsstuff

well the claymation is out and it got a bad im pissed off
but i MIGHT be making a claymation called... wait im not tellin.... well anyway i MIGHT be doin 1 with dumassstudios and massacare wat eva but thats MABEY

so thats all from me

new claymation coming soon

2007-09-25 04:24:58 by dpsstuff

a new clayamation is coming soon so watch out for it....